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Congrès annuel 2017 - Bulgarie

Thursday 29 June 2017, by webmaster


8-th Convention of Killi Association of Bulgaria

Sofia, National Music school L. Pipkov

17 Oborishte Str.


Saturday, 9-th September

10.00 - Fish reception

11.00 - End of Fish reception

11.05 - Fish Judging

12.00 - Opening of KAB Killi Exhibition

12.00 - 18.00- Visitors day

20.00 - Dinner, vestivities with “KAB Killi Exhibition 2017“ prize- giving

Sunday, 10-th September

10.00 - 15.00 - Visitors day

15.00 – 16.00 – Lecture – Todor Mechkov

16.00 - “KAB Killi Exhibition 2017” close down

16.30 - Fish auction

Show groups:

  • Big Aphyosemion ( Aphyosemion-Radaella,Callopanchax, Fundulopanchax)
  • Small Aphyosemion ( Aphyosemion,Chromaphyosemion, Diapteron, Kathetys, Mesoaphyosemion, Scriptaphyosemion)
  • Aplocheilus, Aphyoplatys,Epiplatys, Pachypanchax
  • Rivulus / Cynodonichthys
  • African annuals (Fundulosoma, Nothobranchius, Pronotobranchius)
  • South American Annuals
  • Other killies
  • Breeding groups in all classes

For each group 1 awards will be given.

Note: All show fishes will be offered at the auction and all proceeds from the sales will directly benefit KAB.

General rules:


Fishes must be registered until September, 9-th with e-mail to:

Todor Hristov – e-mail todorhristov1@gmail.com

The fishes have to arrive before 11.00, Saturday, 9-th and must be shipped to:

Shipping addresses:

Todor Hristov

1B Journalist Sqr.,ap.8, fl.4

Lozenets Quarter 1164




Fishes send by rail or by air should arrive on Friday 8th September, at the latest. You can bring your fishes with you to the convention until 11.00, September, 9-th. If not previously registered the fish are accepted only if there is space. Any fish arriving later may be accepted but not judged.


Аuction start at 16.00 Bidding starts at 5 euros and increases by 1 euro up to 25, then by 3 euros thereafter. The starting price for breeding groups is 7 euros.

If you have any questions, please contact Todor Hristov at:


+359 0899 830 688


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